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Rhewllyd undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Icy what you did there!
Creator Usagiplex
Creation 22/05/2017
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Altruistic, Rampant
Fighting style Ranged to Melee
Abilities Nitro-Black Box, Skiing, Rocket Jumping, Ice Embodiment
Weaknesses Pyrokinesis, less effective towards more durable individuals, Clumsy
Status Active
Occupation Hunter

Rhewllyd (pronounced as "Re-Willd") is an Albino Animatronic GMod freak concept created by YouTube user Usagiplex (formerly known as CodyPurple).

His neutral theme is Aphex Twin - Just Fall Asleep.

His combat theme is CoLD SToRAGE - Onyx (WipEout Pure Soundtrack).

Appearance Edit

He appears to look exactly the same as Bonnie The Bunny with exception of having white fur, wearing a snow camouflage Human Cannonball helmet and two snowboards as ski's. He's seen carrying a modified Black Box which fires liquid nitrogen rockets.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The word "rhewllyd" literally means "frosty" in Welsh.
  • Rhewllyd is inspired by Kumamon from Digimon Frontiers, which both of them share similar traits and abilities.
    • Also, both of their weapons strongly resemble the M202 FLASH rocket launcher.
  • His modified Black Box is based off from the "Nitro Rocket" weapon pickup created by Tigron Enterprises from the 2002 video game WipEout Fusion, which was notorious for being powerful enough to deal tremendous damage to the victim while frozen.