Creator CodyPurple
Creation 02/03/2016
Type Artificially Intelligent Animatronic
Alignment True Neutral (Main personality), Chaotic Evil (Alternate personality)
Attitude Remorseful,
Belligerent (Alternate personality only)
Fighting style Short- to Mid-range
Abilities Split Personality Takeover,
Enhanced Durability,
Weaknesses Insane,
Poor mental state,
Longer split personality timespan when murdering
Status Alive
Occupation Serial Killer (Alternate personality only)
Brandon is an Animatronic Freak conceptualized by YouTube user CodyPurple.

His theme song is Aphex Twin - Spots (Selected Ambient Works Volume II).

Appearance and Behavior Edit

He appears identical to Bonnie The Bunny but wearing a black jacket, bearing blue eyes and a different skin color.

Brandon spends most of his time quiet, and sometimes asking someone to help his poor mental state. He feels remorse even murdering someone, since his split personality lives inside his body.

Origin Edit

Brandon is a slightly insane Animatronic who got used as a test subject by The Kubrick Corporation scientists in order to make him into an advanced Artificial Intelligence after recovering parts from Bonnie after Fazbear's Fright getting burned to ground.

Dr. Alexander Kubrick, the leader of the secret organization, ordered his students to use his latest device called The Z-Chip. An implant which is attached into the latter's brain, forcing both the personalities to co-exist each other in one body. However, the experiment was a failure. Causing Brandon to murder his students and nearly choked Dr. Kubrick to death.

When returning back to his main personality, Brandon got terrified after seeing everyone who got brutally killed and escaped the gm_bigcity asylum in order to avoid murdering anyone he sees.

He also developed a drug addiction to Antidepressants, which seems to prevent him from his alternate personality to rose.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Due to the experiment, Brandon will become violent when starting to kill anyone, also while attacking the hunters, leading him to a Split Personality Takeover.

His alternate personality is significantly durable than his main counterpart, taking less damage from others even when shot.

When being chased, Brandon will hide into the shadows, luring a hunter into a nearest spot.

Once his victim his close, Brandon will execute him in a gruesome detail like gouging his eyes with the pliers, obilerating his head with a flashlight, cutting his jugular vein with a glass shard and etc.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • Brandon's sanity will drain quickly as he starts to kill people even in self-defense, causing his alternate personality to temporarily take over his body. After that, he will lose his memory after murdering his victims.
  • Without Antidepressants, Brandon's mental state will slowly degrade into a horrible state, and oftenly leaving him panicked.
  • Depending the number of his victims getting killed, the more he does, the longer his alternate personality will live.

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Gallery Edit


Brandon suffering a Split Personality Takeover.


Brandon engaging stealth.


Brandon executing a paramedic with an electric drill.